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S.F.S. Centre for Biotechnology
The world scenario considers Biotechnology as a front line area with exciting possibilities, amazing applications, and a whole array of benefits to mankind. Biotechnology in India is attaining new heights after the revolution in computers.The country is visualizing Biotechnology as a premier precision tool of the future and can bring wealth to the nation and social justice to its people. Scientists across the country are engaged in opening up all avenues which can change the face of Indian Economy through Biotechnology.
The field Biotechnology is growing rapidly and has impact on all aspects of our life. It has a wide range of scientific applications in Nutrition and Dietetics, Medicine, Animal Science, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Food Processing, Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Immunology and all branches of Life Sciences. The major thrust areas of national and international relevance are Genetics and Biochemical engineering, Biofuels, Fermentation Technology, Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Genomics, etc.
The use and application of biotechnology spans a wide range of activities including developing of new varieties of seeds, improving livestock breeds, creating eco-friendly pesticides and development of methodology for production of industrially important enzymes. In the field of medicine, Biotechnology can help in curing genetically inherited diseases, drug targeting etc. The major job opportunities for Biotechnology students are in the industries like Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Food, Enviornment Management, Medicine Technology, etc. In most of these places students are absorbed as research students in their R & D Laboratories.
About the Department :
S.F.S. Centre for Biotechnology was established by S.F.S. College in 2005. Biochemistry department is the parent department of S.F.S. Centre for Biotechnology. It offers education at Postgraduate level in Biotechnology. The Centre has experienced staff, well equipped laboratories and a library.
The New Premises of SFS Centre for Biotechnology and Department of Biochemistry
Teaching Faculty :
Name Qualification Designation Specializes in Experience
Dr. Prakash Zanwar M.Sc. Biochemistry, Ph.D. Hon. Director, S.F.S.
Centre for Biotechnology
and Reader in Biochemistry.
Carbohydrate and
Lipid Chemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology.
25 Years
 His Research interests are in Microbial Toxins, Oil Degradation,water purification and Microbial Proteases.
Mrs. Vidya P. Zanwar M. Sc. Biochemistry. Associate professor Enzymology, Protein
and Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Metabolism, Animal Tissue Culture
28 Years
Biochemistry & a
guest faculty for B. Sc. and M.Sc. Biotechnology.
Dr. Swapna Khare M.Sc. Biochemistry, Ph.D. Adhoc Lecturer Bioinformatics and Immunology 3 Years
 Her Research interests are in Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering
Ms. Aakansha Sahu M.Sc. Biotechnology, NET Adhoc Lecturer Plant Tissue Culture 1 Year
Ms. Rashmi Kale M. Sc. Biochemistry, M. Phil. Adhoc Lecturer Plant Biochemistry 5 Years
Ms. Anuradha Khade M. Sc. Biotechnology Adhoc Lecturer Basic Microbiology, Genetics 1 Year
Mr. Ashish Dube M. Sc. Biochemistry Adhoc Lecturer Biophysical Techniques 3 Year
Dr. (Mrs). Alka Dhondge M.Sc. Biochemistry, Ph.D. Visiting Guest Faculty Clinical Biochemistry & Animal Tissue Culture. 25 Years
Dr. S.B. Sarwe M.Sc. Mathematics, Ph.D. H.O.D. Mathematics, Guest Faculty Biostatistics 14 Years
Dr. H.G. Jahagirdar M.Sc. Chemistry Ph.D. H.O.D. Chemistry Spectroscopy, Organic Chemistry 29 Years
 He is also the Director for PG Chemistry at S.F.S. College. His research interests are in Polymer Chemistry.
Our Results :

Since the inception of department in 2005, the average result of the Biotech. department is 97.74%.

Overall three toppers of each batch :
Batch Three toppers (Marks out of 1000)
2007 1) Ms. Anukriti Verma (711)
1) Ms. Priyanka Bihariya (711)
2) Ms. Shewta Kalve (695)
3) Ms. Shikha Nath (693)
2008 1) Ms. Amruta Bapat (684)
2) Ms. Arshiya Qureshi (681)
3) Ms. Chandrakala Enuganti (672)
2009 1) Mr.Utkarsh Moon (708)
2) Ms.Kehkashan Rashid (700)
3) Ms.Ankita Thantharate (688)
2010 1) Ms.Poonam Hande (788)
2) Ms. Minal Pathak (743)
3) Ms. Prachi Bapat (730)
2011 1) Mr. Rakesh Bhande (765)
2) Ms. Swati Patle (746)
3) Ms. Prerna Itroutwar (745)
Students appeared in R. T. M. Nagpur University Merit List :
S. No. Year Name of the student University Merit Position
1 2008 Ms. Amruta Bapat 5th
2 2009 Ms. Poonam Hande 2nd
Campus Interviews : Conducted By

Chromous Biotech Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore (2007).

2. Chromous Biotech Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore(2008).
3. Reliance Life Sciences (2009).
4. Human Biologicals Institute(2010)
Placement particular of students :
Details of some of the students placed in various institutes.
Sr. No. Name Present details
1. Anukriti Verma JRF in DIRECTORATE OF WHEAT RESEARCH, KARNAL. Working on wheat quality regarding its hardness, softness, puroindulins, beta carotene.
2. Bhavana N. Arya Lecturer at SFS Centre for Biotechnology.
3. Deepti M. Gaddamwar Working as HRD associate at Mafoi Management Counsultant Ltd (Nagpur)
4. Jivan Nimbalkar Marketing Executive in Multinational company Axygen Scientific Pvt. Ltd
5. Mohan W. Kale Working in SEE TECH Solution Pvt Ltd. and handling CDM i.e. Clean Development Mechanism i.e. Climate Change and EIA i.e Enivronment Impact Assesment projects
6. Mukund S. Songade Project Assistant at Ankur Seeds, Nagpur.
7. Neha Dholakiya Working as Executive Service Delivery assurance in Caliber Point. A Healthcare KPO
8. Preksha Jain Working as Lab Technician in Genetic laboratory of NKP Salve Medical Institution
( Lata Mangeshkar Hospital) Digdoh Hills, Nagpur.
9. Priyanka Bihariya Project Assistant in NEERI, Nagpur
10. Rapita Sood Project Assistant in NEERI, Nagpur
11. Renuka Hassani Working as Executive Service Delivery assurance in Caliber Point. A Healthcare KPO
12. Renuka Kulkarni Research Fellow at Praj Industries Pune
(fermentation based company dealing with ethanol and biofuels).
13. Renuka Deshpande Research Analyst for a Health Care Sector at Bridge2tech Consultancy Pvt. Ltd Pune,
15. Sweta Mukherjee Working as Scientist at Genetic Diagnostic Center, Mumbai.
16. Ajam Yakub Shekh Project Assistant at Environmental Biotech Division of NEERI
17. Arshiya Qureshi Junior Research Fellow at Central Institute for Cotton Research CICR, Nagpur.
18. Liby Mathai Mathew Research Associate for R & D formulations at Ipca International Laboratories Ltd., Kandivali (WEST), MUMBAI.
19. Neha Deshpande CBT Assistant at StemOne Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. ,Pune
20. Tabrez Liva Trainee at Quality Control department of Haseeb Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. MIDC Nagpur.
21. Tripti Kishor Lade Junior Research fellow at Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur
22. Vinita Chaudhari Quality control lab analyst  at Arrow Pharm Malta Ltd., Malta, Europe.
23. Poonam Hande Scientist, BARC, Mumbai
Alumni of Biotechnology cleared various competitive exams / pursuing higher studies in India & abroad / working :

•   Cleared IELTS, GRE & TOEFL

    • Ms. Simki Dey – GRE (2007)

    • Ms. Mayurika Dutta – GRE (2006)

    • Ms. Shalaka Naniwadekar – GRE (2007)


    • Ms. Amruta Bapat – GATE (2009)

    • Mr. Utkarsh Moon – GATE (2009)

    • Ms. Poonam Hande - UGC NET (2010)

•   Pursuing Higher Studies (Research / Job) abroad

    • Ms. Mayurika Dutta - Doctoral Studies at University of North Texas, USA (2006)

    • Ms. Shalaka Naniwadekar – Doctoral studies at university of Sussex, USA.  (2007)

    • Ms. Vinita Chaudhari - Quality control lab analyst at Arrow Pharm Malta Ltd., Malta, Europe.

    • Ms. Shweta Kalve, Research, Laboratory for Molecular Plant Physiology and Biotechnology, University of Antwerp, Belgium.

•   Pursuing Higher studies in India   

  • Farin Abdulla. Lalani (2007) -  Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics from SAARC educational Academy, Nagpur.

  • P.C. Lalrinfela (2007) - Registered for Ph. D. at Manipal University.

  • Ms. Anukriti Verma - JRF in Directorate of Wheat Research, Karnal. for Ph. D. in HAU.(Hissar Agriculture University) (2007)

  • Ms. Shweta Kalve - Project assistant in NEERI in EBD division - Plant Tissue Culture Department. (2007)

  • Mr. Mukund Songade - Project Assistant in NEERI, Nagpur (2007)

  • Ms. Priyanka Bihariya - Project Assistant in NEERI, Nagpur (2007)

  • Ms. Rapita Sood - Project Assistant in NEERI, Nagpur (2007)
The department has recently organized International Conference on Chemistry for Mankind - Innovative Ideas in Life Sciences from 9th to 11th Feb 2011. Conference was jointly organized by Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology, S. F. S. College along with Department of Chemistry of R. T. M. Nagpur University and Institute of Science under the auspices of Indian Society of Chemists & Biologists and was sponsored by BRNS (DAE), DST, UGC and Royal Society of Chemistry, London.
Chief Guest Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar giving Key Note addresson "The Fascination of Chemical Innovation"
Dr. A. Viruthakulangara, Chairman, SFS College Society lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries at Inaugural Ceremony.
Dignitaries releasing the Souvenir of the Conference.
Dr. Nicole Moreau, President, IUPAC delivering Keynote address on "IUPAC and Global Collaboration".
Facilities :
In the span of one year, the College has established well-equipped - spacious laboratories for M.Sc. part I and II, including computer laboratory, Instrumentation center, animal and plant tissue culture, laboratories for research etc. The College has spent Rs 1.5 Crores on construction for accommodating S.F.S. Centre for Biotechnology & Department of Biochemistry. Its total area is about 16,200 Sq.Ft. The Department was blessed by Most Rev. Archbishop A. Viruthakulangara, Chairman of the S. F. S. College Society and later Inaugurated at hands Most. Rev. Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara and Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of R. T. M. Nagpur University Dr. S. N. Pathan on 17th Dec. 2006. Dr. S. N. Pathan lauded the efforts of Dr. Prakash Zanwar and Rev. Fr. Principal and mentioned that it is one of the best departments he has visited.
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. S. N. Pathan and Most. Rev. Archbishop A. Viruthakulangara inaugurated the SFS Centre for Biotechnology.
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. S. N. Pathan with Dr. Prakash H. Zanwar, Hon. Dir. Dr. S. H. Pathan appreciating the facilities provided at SFS Centre for Biotechnology.
The New Building includes following :
B.Sc. Lab. 750 Sq.Ft
M.Sc. Lab I 750 Sq.Ft
M.Sc. Lab II 750 Sq.Ft
Research Lab & sterilization area. 950 Sq.Ft
Walk-in-Incubator 100 Sq.Ft
Digital Imaging & Bioinformatics Lab 300 Sq.Ft
Library & Reading Room other than Central Library 500 Sq.Ft
Two class rooms for B.Sc. 750 Sq.Ft
Two class rooms for M.Sc. 500 Sq.Ft
Animal Tissue culture Lab. 200 Sq.Ft
Plant Tissue culture Lab 200 Sq.Ft
Instrumentation Centre 1200 Sq.Ft
Staff Room 750 Sq.Ft
General Utility area for Toilets for Staff and Students 400 Sq.Ft
The college is also constructing a general-purpose Auditorium (Area ~ 6,000 Sq.Ft) with a capacity of accommodating 500 people.

Some of the major instruments in the department include PCR (Thermocycler), Laboratory Fermentor - 5 Ltr capacity, Deep Freezer, Spectrophotometer UV-VIS, High Speed Centrifuge, High Speed Homogenizer, Inverted Research Trinocular Microscope, Carbon Di-Oxide Incubator, Laminar Flow Benches, Orbital Shaking Incubator, Rotary shaker, Autoclaves, Digital animation facility, Computers, Cyclomixer, Digital Colony Counter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Electronic Balance, Humidifier, Bacteriological Incubator, Oven, Membrane Filter assembly, Micro Centrifuges, Microscopes, Digital pH Meter, Platform Rocker, Serological water Bath, UV Trans illuminator, Biorad Gel doc XR.

The entire Department has been put on UPS for constant power supply. Students are allowed to handle most of the instruments required for their Laboratory work. Department has fully equipped Plant and Animal Tissue Culture Laboratories.
Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
The Departmental library has about 388 books in addition to the books available in the Central Library of the College. The department also subscribes journals and science magazines like:

• Nature • Nature Reviews Molecular and Cell Biology • Nature Reviews Immunology • Nature Reviews Microbiology • Nature Reviews Genetics • Scientific American India • Journal of Scientific and Industrial Resaearch • Indian Journal of Experimental Biology • Indian Journal of Biotechnology • Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics • Genetic Engineering News • Dream 2047 • The Bioscan

Students have a free access to the computers in order to view various educational CD ROMs related to Biosciences, available in the Department. They are also provided with unlimited Internet access for Bioinformatics and search of Literature for Seminars, Studies and Project Work

Course Structure :
M. Sc. Biotechnology Syllabus is prepared as per guidelines from UGC and R. T. M. Nagpur University to which this course is affiliated. Syllabus comprises of Cell Biology, Enzymology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Macromolecular Structure and Function, Bioinformatics, and details of Recombinant DNA Technology. The Laboratory Course is related to the above aspects.
Criteria for Admission :
As per university rules, the candidates must have passed Bachelors degree under 10+2+3 pattern of education in Physical OR Biological (All science graduates) OR Agriculture OR Veterinary OR Fisheries Sciences OR 4 years Pharmacy / Engineering / Technology / B.S. (Physician Assistant Course) OR Medicine (MBBS) OR B.D.S from Nagpur University or any other statutory University.

The students of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology are given preference in admission. Admission at S.F.S. Centre for Biotechnology is strictly on the basis of Merit and Interview / Counseling.
Biochem-Biotech Organization of S.F.S. Students (BOSS) :

Biochemists and Biotechnologists are involved in the study of chemical compositions and molecular structures of Biomolecules, Chemistry of Human and Animal cells, tissues and bones, Plant tissues, Metabolism, Bioengineering of Plant and Animal cells, etc. Biochemistry & Biotechnology has wide range of scientific applications such as Nutrition and Dietetics, Medicine, Animal Science, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Food Processing, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Immunology etc. The field is growing rapidly. In order to develop a better understanding of the Principles of Biological Sciences and future prospects, the Biochemical Organization of S. F. S. Students (BOSS) was started in 2002. After the start of P. G. course in Biotechnology from 2005-06, it has been rechristened as Biochem-Biotech Organization of S. F. S. Students.

Aims and objectives of BOSS are- Organizing lectures on topics in Life Sciences and lectures on general topics related to overall development of students. This includes general Group Discussions, Facing an Interview, Public Speaking, Quiz, Career Guidance, etc. BOSS also plans to procure teaching aids, instruments, scientific literature, etc which would not only benefit the students but also the teachers.

In its constant effort to improve and increase facilities in The Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, BOSS has started a BOSS library for its members. The staff, alumni and present students make efforts to increase the number books and journals in the library.

Till to date, BOSS has about 300 books either purchased or donated by staff and ex-students. BOSS also purchased some books and journals from the funds saved for the purpose.

The activities conducted during the last three years are as follows.

Inaugural lecture of BOSS "Biomarkers" by Dr. K. Krishnamurthi, Scientist, Environmental Biotechnology Division, NEERI Nagpur.
Dr. Suchitra Basu (Shiralkar), University of Toledo, Ohio, USA and Ex-Student of the College delivering a talk on "Foamy Virus vectors for Gene Therapy"
Dr. Prasad Dhurjati, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, USA delivering a talk on "Interface with Engineering & Medicine".
Dr. Bernard Paul, Professor, University of Bourgogne, France delivering a talk on Our Daily Dose of Poison”
The Organization has started its own open access library, which presently has about 266 books and 14 journals either purchased, subscribed or received on Gratis. [06 - International Journals, 02 - International Magazines related to subject 02, 05 - National Journals and 01 - National magazine related to subjects] The Staff, Ex-Students and Students have contributed a lot in terms of addition of books and journals to this library.
BOSS ACTIVITIES during 2009-10
  • Guest Lecture “Biotechnology – Three Decades of Research” by Dr. Prasad Dhurjati, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, USA on 4th Feb 2009.
  • Guest Lecture “Conservation of Nature” by Prof. Sharad P. Kale, Nuclear Agriculture & Biotechnology Division, BARC, Mumbai on 21st Feb 2009.
  • Guest Lecture “Our Daily Dose of Poison” by Dr. Bernard Paul, Professor, University of Bourgogne, France on 2nd April 2009.
  • Workshop on “Power Point Presentation” by Dr. Zanwar, S. F. S. College for M. Sc. Part I students on 5th April 2009
  • Launching of BOSS eMagazine “Horizon” August 2009 issue 001 By Rev. Fr. A. D’Souza, Principal, S. F. S. College, Nagpur
  • Inaugural lecture of BOSS “Biomarkers” by Dr. K. Krishnamurthi, Scientit, Environmental Biotechnology Division, NEERI Nagpur on 27th September 2009
  • Guest Lecture “Research in Biotechnology – Interface with Engineering & Medicine” by Dr. Prasad Dhurjati, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, USA on 10th Jan 2010.
  • Interaction with Ex-Student - Dr. Shahzad Nawaz Syed from Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Hannover Medical School (MHH), Hannover, GERMANY on "A Novel Insight into Pathomechanisms of Autoimmune Inflammation: Lessons from gene knockout mice" followed by open general interaction on 22nd Jan 2010
  • Valedictory Function” on 26th Jan 2010.
BOSS ACTIVITIES during 2010-11
  • Workshop on “The ABCs of Scientific Writing” by Dr. Swapna Khare, S. F. S. College for B. Sc. and M. Sc. students on 4th Sept 2010.
  • Inaugural lecture of BOSS “Enzyme Technology and its application in Nanobiotechnology for Environmental Remediation” by Dr. S. Kotwal, PGTD Biochemistry, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur on 5th Sept 2010.
  • Guest Lecture “CAREER IN USA – Best Strategic Approach” by Mr. Rahul Upganlawar, Director, ICAD, Nagpur on 17th Sept. 2010
  • Interaction with Ex-Students: Dr. Suchitra Basu (Shiralkar), University of Toledo, Ohio, USA on 4th Dec 2010.
  • Guest Lecture “Foamy Virus vectors for Gene Therapy” by Dr. Suchitra Basu, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA on 11th Dec 2010.
  • “Valedictory Function” on 26th Jan 2011.
BOSS ACTIVITIES during 2011-12
  • Guest Lecture "How to write research projects and research papers" by Dr. Manoj Rai, Associate Professor, Department of Sericulture, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur on 18th March 2011.
  • Inaugural lecture of BOSS "The prospects of algal derived biofuels" by Dr. Tapan Chakraborti, Ex-Director & Scientist H, NEERI, Nagpur on 11th Sept 2011.
  • Guest Lecture "Biotechnological Interventions For Wild Life Conservation" by Dr. Anuradha Reddy, Scientist C, LaCONES, CCMB, Hyderabad on 21st Sept. 2011.
  • Workshop on "Gel Electrophoresis" by Dr. S. Khare & Ms. R. Kale, Lecturers, SFS Centre for Biotechnology, S. F. S. College, Nagpur for B. Sc. students on 7th Dec. 2011.
  • Interaction with Ex-Student of Biochemistry – Dr. Amitava Das, Scientist, IICT, Hyderabad on 21st Dec 2012
  • “Valedictory Function” on 26th Jan 2012.
Encouraging the students:
The Department also encourages students of 10th, 12th and B. Sc. Biotechnology students and allow them to visit the department to satisfy their curiosity. This has been found to be an added advantage as they do learn more about this field. Recently, students of Biyani College, Amravati visited the SFS centre for Biotechnology.
The Students and staff of Biyani College, Amravati in one of the laboratories at the Centre. Dr. Prakash Zanwar is seen explaining the use of some instruments in Biotechnology.
The Students and staff of Bhalerao Science College, Saoner in Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory. Mr. A. Mungole explaining the basic of Plant Tissue Culture.
Contact and feedback:
The department shall be glad to hear from our alumni, well wishers and students.
For more information and details , contact us at
  SFS Centre for Biotechnology
St. Francis De Sales College,
Seminary Hills,
NAGPUR - 440006
Maharashtra, INDIA.
Email us at :     sfs_biotech@yahoo.com