Our Motto - Truth and Love
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About Us

St. Francis de Sales College is a Catholic Christian Minority Institution managed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nagpur and its President is the Archbishop of Nagpur. St.Francis de Sales College was founded in 1956 by the Late Archbishop Eugene D’Souza – a visionary, his goal was to promote excellence in higher education and foster human values. Inspired by the teachings and love of Jesus Christ, the institution is concerned with providing a holistic development to the students, fostering self-reliance and confidence enhanced by the qualities of keenness, cooperation, and fair-mindedness to become the incorruptible citizens of tomorrow.
Though a religious minority institution, the college welcomes with open mindedness students belonging to different caste and religion, diverse economic strata and has pledged to cater and create an ambience conducive to academics and value related ethical development. As symbolized by the college flag and its crest, the stress is on development of spiritual and moral values and upright character. The institution aims to inculcate a sense of responsibility, devotion to duty and commitment to society in the students. It also seeks to foster a keen, analytical thinking among its students by providing them a blend of tradition and modernity. In a technology-oriented world, the College strives to constantly upgrade knowledge formation and dissemination by enabling maximum use of technology-enabled teaching and learning resources. In addition to keeping abreast with latest information technology, the College believes in moulding not just competent minds but also caters to physical development thus building up strong citizens of future India. Our faculty of highly qualified teachers who live the role of friend and guide to the students are unwaveringly committed to engender a fearless and flexible creative culture.

The College Crest represents the sun, which is the source of light and heat, symbolizing ‘Truth and Love’ which is the motto of the college. The figures and the words on the crest inspire and motivate us to excel under the patronage of St. Francis de Sales, who is renowned in history for his vigorous fight for truth mingled with an ever loving heart. From the sun emerge the five principles of guidance, symbolized by the human hand as:

  • “Upright Character” by the outstretched finger pointing upward.
  • “Loyalty to Authority” by joined hands tilted forward.
  • “Devotion to Duty” by the clenched hand.
  • “Friendly Comradeship” by the handshake.
  • “Social Service” by the palms opened downwards.

These five principles formulate, as is well known the five main characteristics of those who live up to the expectation of the College.

The three colours of the college flag, blue signifying the achievements of the mind, red denoting prowess in sport and physical fitness, and white standing for integrity and nobility of character, also find a place in the college crest.

Sylvan surroundings, tranquil atmosphere far away from the hustle and bustle of city life make the ambience of the institution conducive for learning. Surrounded by seminaries given to philosophical teachings, the very atmosphere of the institution spells quietitude and encourages a reflective frame of mind.
The well equipped automated digitized library, an Audio Visual Conference Room, a state-of-art hall Seminar hall with modern facilities, labs for research and spacious class rooms facilitate the teaching and learning process. The college has been assessed and accredited with ‘A’ grade with CGPA of 3.14 by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore.
SFS Students are known for their discipline and an ability to think for themselves, which makes them versatile and resilient to face the challenges in an increasingly competitive world. S.F.S is a tiny world where the students live in symbiotic relation amidst love, duty and values progressing academically towards building a better India.