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S.F.S. College stands for excellence in academics and integrity of character. It aims to develop a scientific temperament for a caring, impartial and inclusive society.

S.F.S aims to create and facilitate an environment for knowledge, research, skill, self-reliance and humanitarianism that propels the young to build a caring and sharing society.


(1567 & 1622)

St. Francis De Sales, Bishop and Doctor of the Church, was born on August, 21, 1567 at the Castle of Sales, near Annecy in Savoy. He was ordained in 1593, and became Bishop of Geneva on December 28, 1622. He died at Lyons, France, December at the age of 56. Few could have imagined, as he breathed his last, that his widest influence was just commencing; yet such was the

case. For while he touched the lives of thousands during his life, hundreds of thousands and millions have inspired by his wise and loving counsels since his death. Today among the faithful, after the lapse of three centuries, he is still the beloved counselor of an ever widening circle of admirers and clients.
St. Francis is the Apostle of Cheerfulness and Hope. His words are full of holy optimism, and so replete with commonsense that no one can read them without encouragement, and without experiencing some portion of that divine love and hope which are characteristic of this most amiable Saint.
Set in sylvan surroundings on top of
Seminary Hills,
St. Francis De Sales College,
affiliated to the Nagpur University, was established in 1956
by Archbishop Eugene D' Souza
as a service in higher education
to the city of Nagpur.
Pre-university Arts class was started in 1956.

In 1957 the college moved to the
Seminary Hills to the Red Building.
Pre university Science class was added.

In 1958 Fr.M.M Balaguer S.J
at the helm as Principal of the college,
conceived and drew up a Master Plan for
the college buildings and departments.
As a result of his efforts
the first phase of the new building,
equipped with spacious lecture rooms and science laboratories was constructed in 1959.
Archbishop Eugene d'Souza
Archbishop Leonard Raymond (1964-74)
Archbishop Leabard d'Souza
Archbishop Abraham V
(1998 onwards)
Mr. M Raja
Fr. M.M Balaguer S.J.
Fr. A.J. Malin S.V.D.
Fr. R. Fallerio
Fr. Lawrence Fernandes
Fr. Anthony D'Souza
Dr. K. T. Thomas
(2010 onwards)